Cloud Computing:

 Are you a small to medium sized company, and wants the storage and power that drives like a big company infrastructure. Once you enter the cloud, the power is yours.
This course will teach and turn you into a savvy cloud user/admin. Chris Ward has taken tons of hourse to research and test and distilled it into easy to follow instruction. In no time, you will understand the cloud storage, infrastructure, and SAAS.
Introduction To Cloud Computing: This nugget will give you an excellent introduction to the terminology, uses, and caveats about the “cloud” as your software and even infrastructure source.

You Will Have Expertise Over These Courses?

:> Cloud Computing and Basic Migration
:> End User Training on Gmail
:> Introduction to Mobile Me
:> Introduction to Zoho
:> Google Apps and Gmail Setup
:> Google Apps and Google Docs Basic
:> Google Apps and Google Sites Basics
:> Amazon S3 and Storage Solution
:> Online Backup Solutions
:> Microsoft Office LIVE Workspace
:> Web Conferencing and Collaboration
:> Google Wave

Size: 1.30 GB

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